Reunion 2006, Key West, Florida, took us “Back to Our Roots”.
We welcomed a number of new members from Army, Air Force and Marines. Total membership has reached 204.
We had a great tour at the Special Forces Underwater Operations School on Fleming Key with a presentation from Maj. William Herbert FO/UWSS member, Earle Petty, one of the first group of instructors at the school, was invited to sign the old timers wall.
Muster at the Sunset Lounge featured .... the sunset, of course. Cameras were busy!
At the business meeting Don Stone was reelected president, Bob Holmes was elected vice president and Roger Lynch continued his term as secretary/treasurer. To avoid conflict with EOD reunions, it was decided to hold FO/UWSS reunions on odd numbered years instead of even number years. The members unanimously decided on a return to Key West in 2007. Our featured speaker at the banquet was Clell Breining, Force Master Chief of Navy Special Warfare.
The group photo shows as many as we could round up at one time.