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Some things to think about before you vote:
The Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School  Key West was created for staff and students in June 2000 with associate membership open to family and supporters of the organization.

At the 2009 meeting full membership was opened to all military trained divers, and associate membership was dropped, all members being equal.

At the 2013 meeting, the decision was made to be a “last man standing” organization and membership was limited to staff and students of UWSS.

The membership question was bought to vote again at the 2015 meeting resulting in a 50/50 split vote. It was tabled and the new officers were tasked with preparing a vote for the 2017 meeting to be made available to all members in good standing.

We must also think about what will be required by the results of  the vote - mainly man power to run the organization. This would be President, Vice president, Secretary/Treasurer,  Buddy Line publisher and Logo Gear manager. Which of these jobs could you fill? We would also need  a plan to incorporate the organization ( Non or not for profit) and register with the IRS for sales.

Whether we continue as an organization or not, we have at least one more reunion to enjoy. Plans are already under way for a return to Key West in spring/ summer 2018

Your vote will be saved with your name to allow checking membership standing (dues must be paid to 2017)  and prevent duplicate votes (only first vote will be counted).

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