The second reunion of the former staff and students of US Navy Underwater Swimmers School was held at the Boardwalk Beach Resort Hotel in Panama City Beach, Florida, 19-21 May, 2000. A total of 49 people attended, including wives, friends and teammates in the Panama City area. Activities got underway Friday afternoon with an Icebreaker on the beach.

Fraternal Order of Underwater Swimmers School" was established and officers were elected. The officers are Vice president: Andy Anderson, Sec/treasurer: A. Dee Clark, and President: Don Stone. Dues were set at $25.00 bi-annually.

Don and Art Stone volunteered to publish a quarterly newsletter to be called the Buddy Line.

Saturday night's dinner featured guest speaker Retired Captain Ron Yeaw, UWSS graduate and former CO of UDT 21 and DEVGRU, who spoke about what the school meant to him and the UWSS staff's contribution to the U.S. Navy.Several others related stories about people and experiences at UWSS.
The master of ceremonies, Bob "Doc" Clark presented an award and gave special thanks to "Doc Rio", Erasmo Riojas, for his efforts and personal expense over the past two years to make this reunion happen.
Sunday morning included tours of the Diving School and the Experimental Diving Unit arranged and guided by Woody Woodward and Bob Barth.