A different kind of reunion was held May 7-12 aboard the cruise ship Carnival Destiny with thirty six members and guests. The first day at sea was highlighted by the Ice Breaker and the Captain’s Dinner.
At the Ice Breaker, the ship’s captain, Roberto Leotta, was presented with a UWSS plaque by president, Bob Holmes, and a UWSS coin by vice president, Gerry Flowers. Captain Leotta said the plaque would be mounted in the ship’s trophy case in the rotunda.

The Captain’s Dinner on Sunday night was a chance to dress up.

The ship arrived in Jamaica early Monday morning and the group was off to Dunn’s River Falls. They enjoyed the scenery and took lots of pictures, many of them of the adventurous trio, Jerry Padrta, Merlin Simonson and Joe Bikowski, who braved the falls climb.
A river tube float followed – no falls, only a little white water. Then lunch at an outdoor Jamaican jerk restaurant.
Tuesday, at Grand Cayman, a sailing catamaran took the group to a reef with nearby sandbar where the stingrays gather. First a snorkel on the reef, then cavorting with the stingrays followed. It is amazing what these stingrays will do for a little piece of squid. After getting used to the beasts, there was much stingray kissing going on.
At Wednesday’s business meeting, Bob Holmes got the first order of business taken care of quickly as all current officers were reelected. Bill Bruhmuller brought the news that the Panama City group was willing to host the 2013 reunion and their invitation was gratefully accepted after some discussion of Pensacola. The golf course and the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola were popular attractions and some would like adding a day before the general reunion for a trip from Panama City to Pensacola to enjoy these activities.
A discussion was continued from the last reunion business meeting about recognizing that this is a multi service membership. An additional coin will be commissioned with the shark rider on one side and with the insignias of all the services represented by our membership on the flip side.